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2. Once MetaTrader is installed:
    Go to "File"... then go to "Login"

3. Once the login page is open, enter:
    Login:        1331
    Password: LTP28122011
    Server:      FinFX-Live

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Leo Trader Pro™'s Real-Money, Live Account

The account details below are updated every 5 minutes during market hours and every trade can be verified by logging in to our real-money, live account with the investor password!

IMPORTANT: This mini-account trades $10,000 contracts (rather than standard $100,000 contracts) so 1.0 lots = $1 per pip

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No Tricks... No Gimmicks... No Scam Photoshop Makeovers... No Hand-Picked Trades...

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Not 1 Month...

Not 2 Months...

Not 3 Months...

Not 4 Months...

...but OVER 121 Months (as of now) - Averaging more than 4% Per Month on a real-money, live account (with LESS than % drawdown!)

So, if you are interested in seeing what YOU can achieve with Leo Trader Pro™...

...If you are interested in seeing and VERIFYING what traders from all over the globe saw and verified at our booth while exhibiting at the International Traders Expo™ in Las Vegas, Nevada... THEN: LOG-IN TO OUR ACCOUNT ABOVE & VERIFY EVERYTHING FOR YOURSELF!

Proving The Proof...

That is the essence of what we are and the nature of what we do... and the basis of what we deliver. Complete transparency in the automated FX trading industry, COMPLETE readiness for consumer scrutiny... that is what you will get with Leo Trader Pro™...

So, what does "proving our proof" mean?

Quite simple...

...we allow (sorry, we INSIST!) that every single person visiting our website log-in to our trading account with the account investor password so that they can verify for themselves what MATTERS :

1. Every single trade taken in the account

2. The fact that it is a real-money, LIVE account (with less than % draw down!).

3. The fact that the account is up 514.77% in less than 122 months (i.e. over 4% per     month!)

Yes... it's all about proving the proof!


- It is NOT enough to show a nice chart...

  ("trade entered here... exited there" - No-one goes to the grocery store with
   "could have made" money!)

- It is NOT enough to show a good looking back-test... 97.3% accuracy in
  6 years of "trading", 93.6% in 3 years, etc...

  (back-tests are curve-fitted visual candies, no more and no less!)

- It is NOT enough to show an impressive "real live account" screen-shot, etc.

- It is NOT enough to show a great VIDEO (Hollywood style!) hyping the Hell
  out of the product with mostly false advertising

- It is NOT enough to use fancy graphics attached to account statements
  (doctored with Photoshop!) showing 1,276%... 2,931%... 3,729% profits, etc.

If you've been around this niche for a while then you've already seen it ALL...

Fancy screen-shots, great back-tests, eye-catching charts, etc... that is NOT performance proof! The only thing these things prove is the graphic designers' and vendors' ability to VISUALLY scam you!

Bottom line...

No matter what FX product you decide to buy, performance PROOF is the one and ONLY thing that matters.

We are all sick and tired of seeing what is going on in this industry:

EVERY SINGLE WEEK... yes, e-v-e-r-y single week...

...a new FX robot, system, indicator, software, signal service, etc. appears on the market...

- Impressive product names (mostly, the word Forex attached to catchy terms
  used in Hollywood Sci-Fi or action movies!)...

- Impressive claims (But ONLY claims... mostly empty ones!)...

- Impressive guarantees (mostly ILLEGAL, and we mean that)...

- Impressive hype (hype has always been around... BUT, Forex vendors have
  given it a brand new meaning!)...

- Outrageous promises (a promise is not a bad thing... as long as it is backed up
  by REAL proof)...

- Unheard of performance (do you know what the real difference between Forex
  trading performance and a Broadway performance is? Simple... ACTORS!)

But NONE... and we repeat... N-O-N-E will go the "golden" extra mile!

That's right...

No FX marketer (be it of robots, signals services, systems, etc.) will go that extra "golden" mile.

And what is that "golden extra mile"?

What is that little step EVERY single FX vendor could easily take to PROVE to YOU that their product is as good as he or she claims, but "neglects" to do so?

Very simple...


Yes, we know that most people have never heard of the term "account investor password" and that's fine... to most people we're speaking in tongues!

But, it SHOULDN'T be that way!


Well, simply because it is the ONLY absolute method of proving to you that an advertised trading account is a real-money, live account...

...that it is NOT a creation of someone with good Photoshop abilities!

Before we continue, we would like to invite you to watch the following short VIDEO TUTORIAL about what MT4 "Account Investor Password" is, its HUGE importance for YOU as an FX consumer, and why FX marketers WON'T give it to you...

Click To Play And Watch The Video


Let's start from the beginning... and please pay close attention here.

You are about to learn THE most important, and regrettably, "deceiving" truth when it comes to advertised Forex trading products.

Take a few seconds and answer the following question:
No matter what Forex related advertising you come across...
what is the primary strategy that the "marketer" of the FX product uses to sucker you into purchasing their automated trading solution?

Take you time..think about this VERY carefully!

Think about all those FX related websites you have come across in the past few days:

- What do they all have in common?

- What do they all revolve their entire marketing efforts around?

- What "strategy" do they use to persuade YOU to buy their product?

Could it be "performance"? Yes it could... and yes IT IS!

Every single Forex robot / product vendor that you will (or have already) stumbled upon (online or offline) will concentrate every single marketing effort around the s-u-p-p-o-s-e-d-l-y high performance of their robot / system / signals, etc...

...825% in 2 months... 375% in 17 days... 27% in 2 days... or,

...enter here, exit there charts, nail 137 pips... or,

...a graphic of a supposedly LIVE account statement showing "undeniable proof"...

...and that is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg. But if you have been around in the niche for a bit, you know already all the tricks-of-the-trade!

Yes... using FAKE or CHERRY PICKED performance "proof" proof is the #1 strategy which automated FX solution vendors use to...

...SUCKER YOU into thinking that what they are selling is a DIAMOND when in reality it is nothing more than a FAKE stone!

Online marketers are true masters when it comes to using KILLER performance data in their marketing efforts.



Please pay close attention here because no matter what you do, no matter what Forex robot / system / signals service, etc. you choose to purchase in the future, you MUST understand the following:

Advertised performance is as useless as an umbrella on a day without rain UNLESS the owner of the product provides concrete TRANSPARENT proof that the account is a real-money, live-traded account.

No more... no less... no compromises what-so-ever!

Either YOU are provided with solid proof that the account is a real money, live-traded account, or you should regard the robot / system / signal service, etc. and ANY proof associated with it as USELESS...

...and that's the end of it!

We will say this again because it is the most important element of any decision making process that you'd go through when deciding what FX product to purchase/use:

If no real-money, live account proof is provided (i.e. investor password access to the account)...

...AND if the brokerage where the accounts are being traded won't certify their transactions... the product and any proof associated with it is USELESS.

So you can better understand...

Let's take a look at an example from a more common situation that will illustrate this crucial rule in automated FX trading:

Suppose you want to buy a car...

Before you buy it, surely want to know if the engine works... that the car drives as advertised... and that it's comfortable, etc. - right?


...how would you know all this?

Very simple (and those who have bought a car do know!): You would ask the car salesman for the keys to the car so that you can verify every detail related to its performance!


What if the car salesman tells you "sorry, I can't provide you with the car keys, you will have to take my word for it that the car performs as advertised".

Yeah... right!

You see the point?

Well, same thing goes for automated FX trading:

The "car keys" is the "account investor password" and...

...in the same way that you would never, ever, buy a car without the salesman first giving you the keys so you can start it to check its performance... to hear and test the engine...

...you should never, EVER buy an FX product if the vendor states that an account statement (i.e. performance proof) is a real-money, live account BUT will not give you the investor password to the account so you can LOG-IN and verify:

     1. Each and every trade taken (entry, exit, ticket #)

     2. That the account is a real-money, live account

     3. That the advertised performance data is accurate


Is there anything wrong in advertising performance in your FX product marketing efforts?

Absolutely NOT!

Is it strange that we say that? NO!

It is actually a MUST to use performance proof when presenting an automated FX product to the public - as long as the performance is REAL!!!

Again... as long as the performance is REAL! Sorry for repeating this so much, but you've GOT to GET it... "REAL"!

At the end of the day, FX trading is a business of performance, that is why YOU buy an FX automated solution... you want performance, you want real profit.

Now...before we move on, if you haven't done so yet, make SURE you:

1. View our tutorial video which explains what the account investor password is in
    much detail by CLICKING HERE. And,

2. If you haven't yet logged into our "4% PER MONTH for over 121 months now"
    real-money, live account (yes, LIVE 24/5!) yet, CLICK HERE to watch a video
    showing how to do it.

Forex Marketers Twist The Truth...

The ART Of Scamming... An Unfortunate FACT In The Automated FX Trading Industry!

Proof is like mathematics... BLACK and WHITE! No middle ground, no gray area what-so-ever. Either you have it or you don't. Either you can prove it, or you can't!

The sad fact though is... that Forex marketers are KINGS when it comes to taking proof into that "gray" area... not really proving what they got... just making it SEEM they are proving their numbers.

We are POSITIVE that most visiting our website had the unfortunate experiences that got them to understand what we are saying above.

We got to say this...

Forex is the industry were marketers are THE MOST creative when twisting the truth... bending the facts... hiding reality.

They have only one thing on their mind: making money from the innocent consumers who do not YET understand the methods and tactics that are being used to persuade them to BUY.

And they will go to any lengths in order to accomplish this... ANY length! Everything is VALID for these people... they will EXPLOIT the consumer until there is nothing else left to exploit.

The same as way as in battle there is one SOLID objective: conquering the enemy... in mass-hyped marketing the objective, the mission... is taking innocent consumers money at all costs!

Here is a simple fact for you:

It is a FACT: Of all the online industries / niches, the FX trading industry has the higher refund rates by FAR!

The reason is quite simple...

We are all human beings... and that is why we are all capable of falling for fancy, hyped-up advertising.

We so much want to believe that what we are reading and seeing is true, we end up believing!... no MATTER how STRONG the RED caution signs are!

But, do you know what?... it's actually even more than that...

Its a matter of education... of what you learn through your encounters with different FX related websites, vendors, blogs etc.

IF what you read on all those websites / blogs / review sites etc. was accurate, factual, reliable data - true advertising all geared towards REALLY educating and NOT just misleading the consumer...

...then we could say that the consumers' decision to buy an FX product is one based on educated choice (the way it should be)!

UNFORUNATELY, that is not how things work in this industry.

Here is an example that will make you understand... well, you'll see:

A Forex Marketer shows proof on his website that an account statement reflects real-money, LIVE trading performance. That's right... not a back-test OR demo-trading... but REAL deposits being traded LIVE under REAL market conditions.

Interesting... appealing... catches your eye...

With all the fancy, hyped up, great looking and appealing graphics... these accounts look the NEXT BIG THING!


For truly educated FX traders, this might be ridiculous, but did you know that most people do not know how to verify whether an account statement posted on an FX vendor's website is TRULY live and real-money?

They trust... they believe... and of course, they end up getting "BURNED" AGAIN.

The average FX product consumer has absolutely no idea how to verify this.

But, do you know what?

They have absolutely no clue what the VENDOR could do, what TOOL he has at his disposal, in order to PROVE BEYOND ALL DOUBT that the account statement is real along with every single transaction in it.

Its just like when you go to a doctor because you don't feel well... and you know that there are medicines the doctor can prescribe you but you do not know which one or what they are composed of.

So... it's the same thing here...

The same way the doctor KNOWS what to prescribe his clients, the FX marketer KNOWS what verification tools he can make available to his potential client...

The only difference is... the doctor WILL give you the medicine, the FX marketer WILL NOT give you access to that tool (account investor password)!

In fact, what the Forex marketer will do is take ADVANTAGE from YOUR lack of knowledge in this area in order to get you to take out your credit card...

...in OUR book, that is one of the definitions of scamming.


If you have been reading our letter from start, you know what is missing on 99.99% of Forex product websites... that one thing that is missing... is that TOOL which our "respectable" FX marketer can use to PROVE the PROOF!

And that is (as you SHOULD know by now)...

Investor Password!

Before we continue: Be sure to watch the video tutorial below which explains in DETAIL what account investor password is, its relevance to YOU, and WHY it is the only way to PROVE the PROOF:

Click To Play And Watch The Video


The Investor password provides you, the consumer, with "view only" access to an MT4 account... that means, you can access the account, browse through it, but you cannot place any trades in it.

Let's take US for example, the Leo Trader Pro team...

From the first moment you landed on our website, we have been presenting to you the account investor password to our real-money, live account so that:

A. YOU can Access the account,

B. YOU can see exactly what has been going on inside it

C. YOU can verify trade by trade results

D. YOU can VERIFY if it is a demo or live account...

But MOST importantly, and we stress this... MOST importantly:

So that YOU can VERIFY that it is not fake... that is is not a product of good Photoshop abilities... that it DOES exist in the real world!

Further, it is the only way:

- For YOU to be 100% certain that the robot / system / signals truly work (ONLY
  live, real-money trading can prove this)

- An FX vendor can establish credibility, trust and be worth YOUR hard-earned

- For a vendor to show you ALL the history of the account and not just the
  hand-picked dates and trades that they want you to see.

So... you now know the GREAT importance of MT4 account investor password. You are now EDUCATED on the subject and from this point and onwards, there is no excuse...

..ABSOLUTELY no excuse! Either you demand it when purchasing a Forex robot/signals service/system etc OR YOU will be the only one to blame if you are taken advantage of, if you are scammed!

Look... we already KNOW why Forex vendors will NOT give it to you...

They Will Not Give It To You Because They CAN'T! How Can You Give Something You Don't HAVE?

If They Had it... They Would GIVE IT! Why? Because That Would Mean At Least DOUBLING Their Sales as a result!

That's right... if they would give YOU access to THEIR trading account, let YOU login and verify their claims... they WOULD make at least double the sales more!

And yes, we know we'll get a lot of heat and criticism from most FX vendors from today onwards for exposing this...

...but the plain truth is that either you can PROVE the PROOF or you can't! This is NOT a game as most FX vendors treat it!

You are selling trading solutions to people, the cost of which are not nearly as relevant as the money traded with these solutions.

And it is a COMPLETE irresponsibility... and we mean it, a COMPLETE irresponsibility...

...to create a TOTALY FAKE image and presentation of what you are selling... abusing your clients innocence and lack of education in the niche, just to get him or her to take out that credit card!

Now you know better...

Now you are educated on the matter of PROOF... you now know what to DEMAND when evaluating a Forex product.


After all is said and done..FX is a business of PROOF. Nothing else matters in this industry. We said it earlier...

...it is a Black and White industry where the numbers do not lie. DEMAND to see those numbers with an account investor password, ALWAYS!

And before we continue... remember you can always:

1. View our tutorial video which explains what account investor password is in
    much detail by CLICKING HERE. And,

2. If you haven't yet logged into our "4% PER MONTH for over 121 months now"
    real-money, live account (yes, LIVE 24/5!) yet, CLICK HERE to watch a video
    showing how to do it.

FACT #1:
ALL Forex Robots Based On Back-Tested Rules DO NOT WORK... And The Problem Is: 99% Of The Robots In The Market Are Based On Back-Tested Rules...

FACT #2:
Neural Nets SOLVE The Problem That Common Robots Have AND Are The Only Way To Achieve Over 4% Net Profit Per Month (automated).

Ever wonder why it is that NO FX robot on the market works? We mean it... NO robot!

Have you ever bought a robot that met the vendors claims?

Have you ever MET someone that has bought a robot that makes money?

Have you ever seen a VENDOR himself making money from a robot (of course, he would have to give you the account investor password to prove it!)?

You get our point... and the answer is NO... of course not!

FX robots, as they are BUILT today, do not work...

...they simply cannot work.

The basis upon which they are built can never produce profitable results for a long period of time. That is why any robot that you have bought either blew your account immediately or "did well" for a few days and then took care of wiping you clean!

Let us explain because this is VERY important...

Practically all robots you will find in today's marketplace are coded with a set of back-tested rules.

What is "coded with a set of back-tested rules"? Very simple:

If A=B And C happens with X% accuracy resulting in Y% profitability for the past 2,3,4,5 or 6 years on a back-test than we've got ourselves a robot!

The robot is then placed on a live account and IMMEDIATELY tanks (something that has happened to probably 99% of those reading this letter!)

So... what happened?

Why did it tank?

Why did it wipe out your account?

It did so well in the back-tests, holding its ground for a few years (again, in the back-test)... so why has my account been decimated?

The answer is quite simple...

Pay attention because this is one of the MOST important lessons you will learn about automated FX trading:

Because Markets Have A Personality That Changes VERY Often With
No Prior Notice And Robots Are Just That... ROBOTS! They Do Not
Think, They DO NOT Adapt

That's right...

Markets, just like human beings, have a personality. Some elements of their personality will not change, some other aspects will, and VERY frequently.

Forex robots do not think! They do not adapt!

They are coded with HARD rules, they're 100% mechanical (if a=b, do c) and CANNOT keep up with market personality changes.

Now... we want to expand a bit on the concept of "market personality" since it is VITAL that you understand this.


What is market personality, how can we define it?

Quite easy actually...

Here are just a FEW of the many elements that go into the term market personality:

- How a market moves at a certain time of the day

- Amount of volatility during different periods of the 24 hour session

- The relation between size of price moves and the time it takes for the moves
  to occur (i.e. 10 pips in 5 seconds VS 10 pips in 14 seconds)

- How the market behaves when one session (e.g. EU session) closes and the
  next one opens (e.g. USA session).

- How long a market trends per timeframe (e.g. market trends often for not more
  than X minutes on a 5 minute timeframe)

- How muchliquidity there is at certain times of the trading session for any given
  currency pair (key for scalping)

- Length of trends (again, per timeframe)

- Speed of reversals (again, per timeframe)

- Characteristics of fake breakouts

Again... and we stress this... these are just a FEW of the elements that make up "market personality".

Market personality is very complex, very dynamic and VERY incompatible with "rule based systems".



Today (we repeat!) ALL FX robots on the market are coded with a rule-based strategy (100% mechanical, if a=b do c)... and that is why they do not work.

This is something YOU have got to understand...

...because it is one thing to buy FX robots and lose money over and over... it is ANOTHER thing to know WHY you are losing money so that you do not make that same mistake again!

It is a FACT:

ALL robots in today's marketplace are built with a set of
back-tested rules... a set of RIGID rules that USED to work in the
past... but COULD NOT ADAPT in real-money, live trading!

And we are sorry we keep repeating this...

...but it is KEY for your education regarding standard commercial FX robots.

Can you now see what the problem is here?

If not... then try again (please pay closer attention this time!)...

I. A set of mechanical rules (if a=b, do c),

II. Back-tested, proven to work in the past, and coded into a robot,

III. Applied to a market that CHANGES personality often!

So we ask you... again:

Can you now see what the problem here is?

If not... then put plainly and simply:

NO FX robot that has had its code based on a set of rules that fitted a certain market personality in the PAST, works in a REAL and LIVE market environment...

...and THAT ladies and gentleman is why 100% of back-test "rule based" robots DO NOT WORK!


ALL FX robots in today's marketplace are 100% rule based robots.

If you have some experience trading FX then you know how much this goes against logic and sense!

And by the way... have you ever wondered why it's the MANUAL traders who are the ones making the REAL money?

Because they have a brain! They have the capability for analysis ...they THINK! They ADAPT...

...JUST like neural nets (which we will get to in a bit)!

Your common FX robots, those pitched to you every single day, are based on a foundation that is WRONG! They are based on the presumption that market personality and behavior do not change.

That, our friend, is the huge mistake every single FX robot user makes...

...thinking that market personality will always be the same and that the rules that back-tested well will continue to hold true in tomorrow's market conditions!


We want to go further with all this since it is VITAL that you understand what is happening in the marketplace...

...even if you do not become our client!

At least you will know why you are losing your money (BUT still have a chance to do something about it!) with all these useless make money trading FX scam products that are out there.

The Test That Proves Why EVERY Robot On The Market (back-test based ones, which describes ALL of them actually!) Does Not Work...

Here is what we did:

A simple but educational exercise...

We got the Leo Trader Pro™ development team to create an FX robot, based on 100% mechanical rules that back-tested well for almost 4 years (January 1st , 2007 until August 27th, 2010).

In effect...

...we did what ALL vendors of automated FX trading robots do (i.e. the products YOU buy)!

So, after a lot of hard work (and it WAS a lot of hard work!)... after thousands of back-tests based on a wide range of parameter variations...

...we got a DREAM back-test!

And here it is...

An ABSOLUTE dream...

- Deposit: USD $10,000
- Net Profit: USD $98,800.92
- Net Profit Percent: 988.92%
- Maximal Drawdown: 5.84% (WOW!)

Yes...a 988.92% NET profit with less than 6% drawdown!

Again... WOW!

If this was the very first automated FX product that you ever came across you would have probably said I will soon be rich.

And why not (we as human beings, tend to believe in LOGIC!)...

It is logical to think that, if the robot did so well on a back-test, it will continue doing well in the next few years in a real-money, live market environment right?


But... talk is cheap and we are all about PROVING the PROOF in all that we do.

So... we took the robot and placed it on a US $1,000 real-money, live account... the only way to prove a point... the ONLY way to prove REAL performance!

And so, here is our 988.92% NET profit with less than 6% drawdown (almost 4 years!) robot performing LIVE:

Again... no worries, we only risked USD $1,000 with this real-money, live account!

And here are the stats of the real-money, live trading account:

- Deposit:           US $1,000 (real money)
- Net Profit: USD      $0
- Net Profit Percent:   0%
- Maximal Drawdown: 100% (account whipped!)

Yes... we traded the robot on a real-money, live account for a bit over 3 months and LOST all of the deposit!

Wiped... cleaned... erased.


On the back-test, the robot achieved a 988.92% net profit... and, in LIVE trading... well:

It erased the account in under 3 months.

Again... in less than THREE months!

So, why was the back-test so good and the real-money, live trading so catastrophic?

Well... if you have been paying CLOSE attention to what we have been saying up to now (meaning, you've read our letter in DETAIL from the start) you would know that market personality changes and mechanical rules (if A = B then do C) are good for the PAST but IRRELEVANT for the future!

Bottom line, and this is all that matters:

The only way to make money (and a lot of it we might add: 4% NET profit per month!) trading Forex on complete autopilot...

...is by using technology that knows how to adapt, understand and exploit TODAY'S market ENVIRONMENT and PERSONALITY.

Adapt... AND... Understand

The 2 KEY terms in automated Forex trading and:

The reason why Neural Net technology and development is the the only way to create profitable automated systems that STAND THE TEST OF TIME IN A REAL-MONEY, LIVE TRADING ENVIRONMENT!

Automated Neural Nets:

4% NET PROFIT Per Month, For Just Over 121 Months, Averaging 2 Trades Per Day (with LESS than % drawdown!) ...And, VERIFIED By Account Investor Password!

Who cares what happened 4, 3, 2 ...or even 1 year ago (yes... robots based on back-tested rules)!

Achieving Sustained Performance (like Leo Trader Pro™'s) is all about tomorrow... BUT, In Relation To Today!


You have already seen our real-money, live account... you know that we are averaging over 4% per month NET profit (and SOON you will to)...

And you know that Leo Trader Pro™'s drawdown is less than %.

And yes...

You know all of this because you logged into our account and verified it for yourself.

By the way, if you haven't done so yet, you are ALWAYS invited to do so! Here are the details:

1. Download MetaTrader By Clicking Here
    (Or Here if the above link is slow)

2. Once MetaTrader is installed:
    Go to "File"... then go to "Login"

3. Once the login page is open, enter:

Login:       1331
Password: LTP28122011
Server:      FinFX-Live

NOTE: If you do not know how to download, install MT4 and use the investor password login option, please CLICK HERE to watch tutorial video.

Remember: transparency is what we are all about...

We will always provide an investor password to our trading account (which has been averaging over 4% per month NET profit!) on our website, ALWAYS!

We want ANYONE visiting our website to be able to login to it and independently verify its AUTHENTICITY, our claims and the BRUTAL accuracy and profitability of neural nets applied to automated FX trading.

But, do you know what?... we want to even go further!

We want to deliver to YOU all the proof that YOU DESERVE (remember... NEVER settle for less!).

So... here is what we did...

We called up Jani Hjerppe, the CEO of FinFX, the Forex brokerage where our accounts are being traded, and asked him to CERTIFYover the phone (we even recorded the conversation!) and in writing, Leo Trader Pro™'s performance.

Below you will find:

1. A recorded telephone conversation with Jani Hjerppe, CEO of FinFX, and
   (since HEARING isn't enough)

2. A letter from him reiterating the telephone conversation

...both regarding the Leo Trader Pro™ account found on our website and mentioned below!

Jani Hjerppe

CEO - FinFX Trading Oy

Web:  http://www.finfx.fi
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Phone Interview With Jani Hjerppe

Following our telephone interview with Jani, we asked him for written confirmation regarding the details and performance of the Leo Trader Pro™ account:

For authentication purposes, a copy of this letter may be viewed on the FinFX website by clicking HERE

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THAT is what PROVING the PROOF is all about!

And as we will continue saying (always!)... we are ABLE to do this, because we got the goods! Because we have absolutely nothing to hide ...and because our performance is REAL in every aspect.

Have you EVER seen a Forex vendor posting on their website a written statement (and phone interview) by the CEO of the brokerage were the accounts are being traded, CERTIFYING their authenticity?

Better YET... have you ever seen a broker posting the letter on their own website (click here to see) for further confirmation?


Of course you haven't... that's because those FX products you are used to seeing every other day are JUNK... FAKE... and those that escape the category of "JUNK and FAKE" are simply not good enough to stand the test of time under real-money, LIVE market conditions!

And THAT is why you do not see vendors showing the type and QUALITY of proof we show... they CAN'T!

If you took the time to read what we had to say about FX robots (the conventional ones... i.e. ALL the FX robots on the market today!) earlier...

...you already have a sense/understanding of why you have NEVER witnessed performance approaching Leo Trader Pro™'s in the past.

You now know what market personality means...

How it is relevant to YOUR FX trading and, most importantly:

How it is responsible for the fact that ANY FX robot/system/solution you will see in today's marketplace is USELESS!

What you NOW want to know is HOW neural nets are different... how they provide a solution to the problem that conventional FX robots present...

Well... that is both SIMPLE and COMPLICATED to explain.

Let's rephrase that:

The reasoning is simple to explain, the technology behind the reasoning is much (much!) harder to understand (and of course, explain)!

Neural network development has one objective:

- ADAPT to what is happening in the market as of NOW...

- KNOW what the CURRENT market behavior is...

- AND speculate with a high degree of accuracy, the probability of the market's
  behavior changing.

In essence...

Neural networks are "trained" on a daily basis. They are as close as can be to a "living and breathing" entity.

The beauty of neural networks is that the more you have, the more you get them to co-operate with each other and feed each others logic, the more accurate will their trade triggers be.

By the way, Leo Trader Pro™ uses 7 (yes, SEVEN!) neural nets... which is A LOT...

It is hard enough to create one neural net, imagine the work involved into creating 7 of them and the platform which allows them to "communicate" with each other. Hard work.


They DO NOT rely on a set of hard rules and they do not favor any particular strategy!

They allow the CURRENT market behavior to dictate the correct strategy and parameters to be used.


By saying "current" market behavior, we mean: market behavior of the past 24 hours WITH relation to certain overall characteristics of the medium term market behavior (never ever more than 3 weeks).

In conclusion...

Normal FX robots (i.e. the conventional approach to FX trading, the one you have been scammed with SO many times before) have ZERO problem solving abilities.

They are HARD coded and completely "locked" to a certain type of market behavior.

They CANNOT adapt!

In contrast... neural nets are able to:

- Be constantly trained to adapt to what is going on NOW in the market

- Speculate on price behavior with awesome accuracy

- Generate trades that are OVER 99% profitable (as you can see in Leo Trader
™'s account statement)

- Trade with LESS than % drawdown (which by the way, is what counts in

- Guarantee that you are never caught off guard when market behavior changes

That is what the power of UNDERSTANDING current market behavior is all about...

We promise you...

(and we hope you do not make the mistake of trading, or continuing to trade, with conventional FX robots)

...neural nets applied to automated FX trading is the ONLY way to create true wealth!

And when we say true wealth, we mean it!

Leo Trader Pro™ has been generating over 4% per month (yes, 4% verifiable by logging into our account!), on average, for over 121 months now (514.77%) ...and we KNOW it will continue to do so for years to come.

We have no doubt about neural nets and their power (well, to be more accurate, neural nets developed by our team!)...


Anyone passing on the Leo Trader Pro™ neural nets automated trading solution opportunity... is passing on the opportunity to grow rich FAST (remember, we stand by our claims... we PROVE the PROOF and will continue to do so FOREVER!).

And sorry if we keep insisting... BUT, if you haven't yet verified Leo Trader Pro™'s performance for yourself, make sure to do so by logging in to our real-money live account.

In fact...

Log-in... and leave the account open... see how Leo Trader Pro™ makes money on almost EVERY trade (and yes, on average, 2 trades per day)!

See for yourself how instead of WATCHING it make money, it could be making money for YOU!

"2 Options & 2 Facts... What Will It Be?"

In Automated FX Trading, (OPPORTUNITY) Knocks Once... MAYBE Twice In a Lifetime! LEARN How To RECOGNIZE That

Starting TODAY...

...you will find yourself in a new REALITY. That is the most accurate term to use here!

We are about to open to you a world of REAL opportunity. We stress the word REAL.

We know... you hear that every single day. And yes, we understand how tired of hearing it you are.

But here is the difference between US and the rest... and pay close attention:


We PROVE 24/5 that Leo Trader Pro™ IS achieving:

- An average of 4% NET PROFIT per month, every month

- An average of 0.20% PER DAY for 2591 trading days already

- On average, 2 trades PER DAY

- Less than % Drawdown (which is what really counts)

- 100% Hands free (plug it in, leave it, profit from it!)

Yes..we PROVE all this LIVE on our website, EVERY SINGLE day of the week (during open market hours of course). We prove it by allowing ANYONE to access our real-money, live trading account with an investor password!

Again, if you haven't logged into our LIVE account yet, you are ALWAYS welcome to do so... here are the details:

1. Download MetaTrader By Clicking Here
    (Or Here if the above link is slow)

2. Once MetaTrader is installed:
    Go to "File"... then go to "Login"

3. Once the login page is open, enter:

Login:       1331
Password: LTP28122011
Server:      FinFX-Live

NOTE: If you do not know how to download, install MT4 and use the investor password login option, please CLICK HERE to watch tutorial video.

And... if you want more information on what an investor password is, its importance when it comes to PROOF and why you NEED to always demand it, CLICK HERE to watch a 3 minute tutorial!

So, when we PROMISE you that we will FINALLY get you to make money (almost monthly account DOUBLING!), 100% hands free, on complete auto-pilot, we mean it AND we PROVE IT beyond all doubt!

Look, bottom line...

You CANNOT argue with the numbers! Numbers don't lie.

You have logged into our real-money, live account, and you have SEEN with your own eyes what type of profits YOU could be making tomorrow if you become a Leo Trader Pro™ valued client.

Now... at this stage... you have 2 options really:

Option #1: Finally understanding how REAL proof should be delivered in automated FX trading, and

Option #2: CONTINUE falling into FX marketer's web of lies and deceit. Continue being taken advantage of and being treated as a "credit card", not as a person, a real client.

We HOPE you chose to stop falling into those ruthless marketing tricks that are being used day in and day out in this industry...

...tricks used by vendors that HAVE to trick you because they DON'T have anything REAL to sell to you! They have to "package" the product nicely so it looks appealing enough to buy it.

But let us ask you... which trick have YOU PERSONALLY fallen for?

Here are the 7 most creative, ruthless and misleading tricks our FX marketers use day in and day out:

Trick #1: "Automatic 1,738% Per year, Net Profit. GUARANTEED Income"

Mr. Reality Check Says: Where is the proof? Where is the investor password to the account? Why aren't you giving it to me?

Trick #2: "Make US $47,387 PER MONTH every month with this FX robot "

Mr. Reality Check Says: Again, same as with accuracy: were is the proof? Where is the investor password to the account so I can verify the claims? Why aren't you making it PUBLIC 24/5?

Trick #3: "US $5,923 With ONLY 6 trades!"

Mr. Reality Check Says: Sure... but why aren't you showing me the other 28 trades in the account? Why aren't you mentioning that you HANDPICKED the trades and that in reality the account was blown?

Trick #4: "9 Years of unheard of performance... achieving over 12,895% PROFIT!"

Mr. Reality Check Says: Yes, 9 years of BACK-TEST performance which is worth ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. All robots based on back-tests do not perform in real-money, live market conditions. And besides, stop hyping "monopoly money"!

Trick #5: "This is a real-money, live account statement proving REAL perfomance"

Mr. Reality Check Says: Yes... the latest "trend" in scam world. If it is a real-money, live account statement, WHY aren't you providing me and everyone else access to it with an account investor password?

Trick #6: "Chart showing trade entered here, exited there, made US $4,763 profit in 3 minutes!"

Mr. Reality Check Says: Honestly now, THAT marketing tactic is one of THE biggest insults to anyone's intelligence. It simply is!

Never mind that that "trade" was taken with the benefit of "hindsight" (maybe the vendor is selling to us a time machine?!), and that the probability of it happening again is like winning the lottery... but what about the 10 FULL LOTS the "trader" uses on a US $2,000 "account"?

Trick #7: "As Seen On (and here they use FANCY TV station names, Newspaper names, Magazine names etc)"

Mr. Reality Check Says: NONE, and we repeat, NONE of these fly-by-night products have appeared anywhere respectable, less so in LEADING media outlets! have YOU ever seen one of these on TV or a leading publication? We haven't (are we living in a cave, or is it that the products never make it out of the vendors' bedrooms!?"

Do you know what?... we wont ask one more time which trick YOU have fallen for because it doesn't matter, that's is THE PAST and NOW you know better!

And not only you know better now... but you have a OPTION. A REAL option. A true opportunity. And, do you know what?... we will never stop saying this: with us, you will ALWAYS get TRANSPARENT, 24/5, PUBLICLY accessible PROOF...

...you will always, and we repeat, ALWAYS be able to visit our website, login to mour real-money, live account and VERIFY for yourself Leo Trader Pro™'s performance.

Think about it (2 FACTS)...

1. Leo Trader Pro™ has been achieving an average of 4% NET profit per month
    for over 121 months now... with 2 trades per day... and less than % drawdown,
    that IS A FACT. And...

2. We will ALWAYS have the "account investor password" login details on our
    website so ANYONE can access the account and monitor Leo Trader Pro's
    performance in real time... that is ANOTHER FACT!


Not only do we have the BEST VERIFIABLE performance on the market, for just over 121 months now... but MORE importantly:

The fact that we are ALWAYS going to provide investor password access to our account shows how CONFIDENT we are about Leo Trader Pro™'s FUTURE performance!

That's right... WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO HIDE!... In fact, the contrary, we have EVERYTHING to show, because we are PROUD of what we got!

Leo Trader Pro™ is the only automated FX trading solution that WILL give you REAL profits (to the tune of 4% profit per month!... no, that is not a bold claim, login to our account and see for yourself) - freedom, and peace of mind.

The official introduction of Leo Trader Pro™ to the professional trading industry... at our booth at the biggest, most important trading expo:
The International Traders Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (November 17th-21st, 2010).

You are reading this letter today... BUT...

TODAY is not the first day that we introduced Leo Trader Pro™ to the automated FX trading community.

In FACT... the OFFICIAL introduction of Leo Trader Pro™ to the professional trading community was done OFFLINE!

That's correct... OFFLINE!

Leo Trader Pro™ and our cutting edge FX neural networks technology... was first introduced at our booth in The International Traders Expo™ this past November (November 17th-21st, 2010).


We chose the biggest and most important EXPO (trade show) in the trading industry to officially introduce Leo Trader Pro™ (a big thanks to all the traders who visited our booth... it was great meeting you!)

For 4 days we welcomed traders to our booth...

Met them, talked with them, shared ideas with them... introduced Leo Trader Pro™ and explained to them what neural nets applied to FX is all about...


In Front Of Them, Logged Into Our Almost 500% Profit (Achieved In Less Than 5 Months), Real-Money, Live Account In Order To Make It OFFICIAL: Real Proof, Real Performance!


Here is the great part:

We video recorded the interviews we carried out at our booth so YOU can experience what we experienced when dealing with real traders making real money and giving their REAL opinion of Leo Trader Pro™!


Below you will find:

1. Our re-cap video that shows a bit of... well, everything we experienced at our
    booth in the trade show... interviews... etc.!


2. Individual FULL videos of the top 10 interviews we did.

Meet the traders WE met... experience what we experienced...

The above is a re-cap video of the interviews we did at The International Traders Expo™ ...BUT:

If you want to get more... experience more... on the following topics (regarding traders we interviewed):

1. Do you trade or have traded FX?

2. Which pairs?

3. What type of strategies do you favor?

4. Are you a swing trader, short term trader or scalper?

5. What is the #1 challenge FX traders face in your opinion?

6. Have you ever heard of Inter-market analysis and/or neural networks
    (which, by the way, is what Leo Trader Pro™ is based upon)?

7. Have you ever traded using this type of analysis/strategy?

8. Do you know what a trade replicator is?

9. How many months of live, real-money trading would you want to see
    before putting an automated robot or trade replicator on your own

10. Do you know what an investor password is and/or why it is the
      ultimate proof when it comes to trading performance?

11. What is the most important element to consider when purchasing a
      Forex robot or a trade replicator based system?

Then... be sure to watch FULL interviews we did with them (click on any one of them to view it):


The same way traders we met at the International Traders Expo™ got to see our real-money, live account... so CAN YOU!

Below you will find the investor password login details for the account:

1. Download MetaTrader By Clicking Here
    (Or Here if the above link is slow)

2. Once MetaTrader is installed:
    Go to "File"... then go to "Login"

3. Once the login page is open, enter:

Login:        1331
Password: LTP28122011
Server:      FinFX-Live

1. If you do not know how to download, install MT4 and use the investor password
    login option, please CLICK HERE to watch the tutorial video.

2. If you want more information on what an investor password is, its importance
    when it comes to PROOF and why you NEED to always demand it, CLICK HERE
    to watch a 3 minute tutorial!

So... we LOVED meeting traders from all over the globe, presenting to them what neural nets applied to automated FX trading is all about... so here is what we decided to do:

We will be exhibiting again, but THIS time at the Forex Expo™ in Moscow (29-30 April, 2011), the most important Forex related trade show specifically for FX traders.

Will you be attending? If so, MAKE SURE you visit our booth!

They Asked During the Expo In Vegas...
We Answered... F.A.Q!

While exhibiting at The International Traders Expo™ we met a LOT of traders at our booth... and we had A LOT of questions asked!

At the end of the day, it is not a common thing in the industry of automated FX trading to see a new technology (neural nets!) successfully applied to automated FX trading.

We are certainly the first team to have succeeded in this area!

So, that being said...

Traders visiting our booth wanted to know more! They had a lot of IMPORTANT questions that we felt are relevant to YOU as well!


Below you will find THE most important questions REAL traders asked us at the expo (by the way, you can watch our video interviews with them at ANY time!):

Question: The results of Leo Trader Pro™ are truly impressive. Can automated neural nets achieve such results?

Answer: Well, the results we show on our website are of a real-money, LIVE account. Again... REAL money.

You are always welcome to login to our account and verify each and every trade taken by the robot.

So the answer is YES!

And, by the way...

This is the first time that a claim of performance is supported by REAL proof. This is the first time where you can TRUST that what you are buying is truly achieving what is being advertised.

Question: How much money can I make with Leo Trader Pro™?

Answer: As you have VERIFIED for yourself already, Leo Trader Pro™ has been averaging over 4% NET profit per month for just over 121 months now (started trading 1st of August, 2010).

That's right... an average of 4% profit PER month with LESS than % drawdown on a real-money, live account.

We expect our neural nets to continue (if not SURPASS) this performance EASILY in 2011!

Question: How much money do I need to start trading with Leo Trader Pro™?

Answer: You can start with literally any amount. In fact, some brokers allow you to open an account with as little as US $5 or less!

Question: Do I need to risk money to see if Leo Trader Pro™ works exactly as you show and explain?

Answer: Absolutely not!... and this is VERY important. First, you have 60 full days to do whatever you want with the robot. Test it, demo trade it, live trade it as much as you want (to see that the results match EXACTLY what we present here). Don't like it? Return it! No hard feelings - No questions asked.

Second, you can open a demo account with a large number of Forex brokers and trade Leo Trader Pro™ with virtual money before you decide to go live. You don't have to spend one single dollar to do this.

We are making this a truly risk free investment for you because we know this is the best automated Forex trading solution ever designed. We are confident in our product and are therefore willing to back it up with whatever it takes.

Question: I have never traded Forex before, is Leo Trader Pro™ for me?

Answer: Yes. If you know how to download a file, you can trade Leo Trader Pro™.

It's a plug and play type of system so just download it, install it and the robot starts trading for you. You don't need to know anything about the Forex market or how to trade it.

Question: If many people trade with Leo Trader Pro™, can that affect the robot's accuracy and profitability?

Answer: Lots of people still don't realize just how huge the Forex market actually is ? it's the largest market in the world. It's larger than ALL the stock, bond and futures markets in the world COMBINED! It's estimated that every single day, something in the order of $3 TRILLION is traded in the Forex market. It's extremely liquid, volatile and trades 5 days a week, 24 hours per day.

Effectively, the market is so huge that there's room for everyone, and I mean EVERYONE! There could be 10,000 people or more trading with Leo Trader Pro™ and it wouldn't affect its efficiency and accuracy in the slightest.

Question: Is Leo Trader Pro™ a completely automatic trading solution?

Answer: Yes. It is a "plug & play" type of software. In other words, once you download and install it, it trades for you unattended. Leo Trader Pro™ is 100% automatic, hands free.

Question: How often do you train Leo Trader Pro™ neural nets?

Answer: Every day, no exception. That is why you are seeing such phenomenal results!

Question: Can I trade Leo Trader Pro™ with ANY Forex broker?

Answer: As long as the broker offers the MT4 platform (99% of FX brokers do!), you can trade it with that brokerage.

Question: What type of client support will I receive?

Answer: We are very quality support oriented when it comes to our OWN purchasing, especially over the Internet. We HATE it when we get bad client support... it drives us crazy so we're sure you understand what we mean.

Hence, we made all the necessary arrangements so that you will get the absolute best support available in the industry, the same type of support we would expect to get if we were buying something.

Yes, we know you hear this a lot and after you buy the product it's game over so to speak.

Well, please pay close attention:

We actually hired AND trained a team of 5 people to focus SOLELY on supporting our clients. No matter what the question is, no matter what you need... our support will be fast, professional AND unconditional.

Again, this is very important for you to understand: We hate it when we personally buy something over the Internet and get bad client support, especially related to Forex. We WILL establish a new standard in client support, GUARANTEED.

Question: Why doesn't Leo Trader Pro™ have a back-test?

Answer: Because neural nets cannot be back-tested! We've discussed what neural nets are earlier. Neural nets are TRAINED on a daily basis to adapt to current market behavior. They DO NOT care what happened 1 year ago... they only care what is happening NOW (which is what matters).

EVERY single robot on the market that has back-tested well, FAILS in real-money, live trading environments. And that is a FACT.

Question: After I buy and install the Leo Trader Pro™ robot, how does it know what trades the neural networks have triggered?

Answer: Simple. After you install the Leo Trader Pro™ robot on your computer, it will communicate with our servers where the neural nets are working and training. Once they come up with an FX trade, they instantly notify the Leo Trader Pro™ robot on your computer, which instantly places the trade AUTOMATICALLY.

Question: Is there any type of human intervention when using Leo Trader Pro™?

Answer: Absolutely NOT! After installing it, you can leave it 100% unattended. Again, Leo Trader Pro™ is a hands-free automated FX trading solution!

Question: I have a day job, can I still use Leo Trader Pro™?

Answer: Absolutely! And again, as stated earlier... after you install the robot, it runs automatically with ZERO human intervention.

Question: How long does it take to install Leo Trader Pro™?

Answer: Approximately 2 minutes.

Question: Is it complicated to install and operate Leo Trader Pro™?

Answer: The installation of Leo Trader Pro™ is automatic. The operation is as easy as ironing a shirt (in fact, we wouldn't even call it operation since after it has been automatically installed you do not have to do ANYTHING at all)... and as should expect, we are here to help with ANY questions you might have!

Question: What is an account investor password?

Answer: Quite simple, and please pay close attention. Forex robots (or
any other automated software such as a trade replicator were signals from a master server are placed on your account automatically etc) trade on a platform called MetaTrader, i.e. MT4 (which 99% of FX brokers offer).

Once you use an automated FX software, all trades are placed through your
MT4 account. An investor password allows ANYONE to login in to that account with "view-only" privileges. This means, they can browse through the account, see each and every trade taken in the account, see if the account is demo or real-money, live etc. but they cannot trade the account, make any changes to it, etc.

The purpose of investor password access to an MT4 is for validation and verification purposes. A vendor providing YOU with this type of access CANNOT hide any fact regarding his or her trading account from you.

You can always click HERE to watch a video that shows how to use it.

Question: Is account investor password the only way to verify if an account
statement presented on a website legitimate?

Answer: YES! ONLY by logging into the vendor's trading account will you be able to verify that each and every trade presented on the vendor's website is REAL... that the account is REAL... that it is LIVE... and that there has been absolutely no Photoshop involvement... that it has not been doctored or manipulated in any other way.

Question: Should I purchase a Forex robot or ANY other automated solution,
signal service, etc. if the vendor does not prove to me with an account investor password the fact that what is being sold is truly profitable and that every single detail displayed on the website is real?

Answer: Absolutely NOT! We recommend you NOT to buy a Forex product if you are not provided with an account investor password - especially, since there are so many scams in today's marketplace. PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR MONEY!

Question: Why is it that I have not seen FX vendors providing account investor
password access to validate their claims?

Answer: Well, we think you know the answer. In our opinion, if they could they would! Why not, it would allow them to sell MUCH more! Again, we both know the answer to this question (and, again, LEARN to protect yourself in this industry!)

Question: What expo will you be exhibiting your neural nets technology next at?

Answer: We will have a booth and exhibit at the Forex Expo™ in Moscow (29-30 April, 2011).

GET Leo Trader ProThe ONLY Automated FX Solution Achieving 4% PROFIT Per MONTH, for Just Over 121 Months Now... With LESS Than % Drawdown (verified by account investor password)... THE World's FIRST Forex Neural Net Automated Solution!

(Create PROVEN Wealth On Complete Autopilot Using
100% Automated Neural Nets)

The first introduction of Leo Trader Pro™ to the market was OFFLINE, while exhibiting at the International Traders Expo™ in Las vegas, Nevada.

Traders were STUNNED after we showed them Leo Trader Pro™'s capabilities...

..and welcomed the first EVER neural network-based automated trading solution!

Today... it's your turn...

And if you read this letter carefully and in detail, you KNOW that we have accomplished what NO OTHER team has been able to accomplish...

For the first time in automated Forex trading history, the small trader has a REAL and VERIFIED once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not just make money on a consistent basis... but create true WEALTH.

Leo Trader Pro™'s owners will make A LOT of money... and we are the only ones in the industry providing ENOUGH qualifying PROOF to be able to state that with REAL confidence:

- Average Of 4% PER MONTH

- With 2 Trades Per Day

- LESS Than % Drawdown

- For Just Over 121 Months Now

- Real-Money, Live Trading

ALL proven!

And what does "all proven" mean? Well...

YOU being provided with an account investor password, and YOU logging into the account that trades the product YOU are about buy and use...

...YOU verifying every single trade and transaction (and, of course, the fact that it is a real-money, LIVE account!).


We have PROVEN that neural nets (WHEN properly developed) are the ultimate solution to automated FX trading...

We not only say that... we BACK that with our PROOF - you can ALWAYS visit our website and login to our account... and that is the most important thing when it comes to YOUR bottom line.

Have you ever met a Forex system developer that will give EVERYONE on his or her website an unconditional access (24/5) to the real-money, live account being traded?

Have you ever met an FX vendor with SO MUCH confidence in his or her product (that he is willing to put it ALL out for complete public scrutiny... 100% transparent)?


When it comes to price...

We have seen all the ruthless and hyped up marketing tricks online vendors use to psychologically pressure people to buy their product.

We can start telling you stories on how soon the price will go up... or how we are limiting the number of copies sold at a certain price and THEN the price will go up... or how about "hurry up since the discounted launch price will soon not be available"?

Come ON! That is all B.S...

When you have a good product, when you provide a good service and when you conduct business in a proper manner... you don't need price persuasion tactics to convince people that you are worth what you are saying you are worth!

Look... people are SMART, they know how to identify value and they DON'T need excessive hype tactics to persuade them to purchase that product.

Hence, we will not engage in ANY kinds of "price" persuasion tactics:


60 Day Risk FREE Money Back Guarantee

If at ANY time within the next 60 days, for ANY reason at all, you aren't happy with Leo Trader Pro™ then simply e-mail us and we'll refund every cent of your purchase.

No questions asked, no ifs, no buts, no whys! Your satisfaction is our success and if we can't achieve that then we don't want your money.

Order Leo Trader Pro™ NOW For US $97 (one time payment) By CLICKING Here!

Important Notice To Fund Managers

Since our appearance at The International Traders Expo™ in Las Vegas, Nevada in November 2010, we have been receiving requests from fund and money managers who wish to obtain a special "asset manager" license for Leo Trader Pro™.

If this would be of interest to you then the Leo Trader Pro™ organization is more than happy to discuss the matter.

Please click HERE to complete our asset manager inquiry form and a member of our team will contact you.




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